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Bridge - the card game
Bridge hand

U3A Intermediate Bridge

I am leading the U3A intermediate bridge group. Shortly after each session, the presentation for that session will be uploaded here for your revision.

Note that rather than write "length four or more in a major suit", these presentations use the shortcut "L4+major", similarly "length three or less in hearts" is written "L3-" (or "L3-H") and a "void in hearts" is written "L0" (or "L0H").

Scroll down for the current year's notes.

2023..2024 academic year is the 2nd and 3rd Friday mornings at Burpham Village Hall.

Presentations before 2016 have been archived. Other presentations are in Chronological order.

Christmas 2010

Bridge problem

Margaret's Elite Bridge Club :-)

Hands from 2012-06-25, 2012-07-09.

Guildford Institute Bridge Club

Hands from 2012-06-30, 2012-08-18.

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