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2009 West Surrey Handicap Go Tournament And Teach-in
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The 2009 event will be held over the weekend of December 5th and 6th at Burpham Village Hall in Guildford.


Mobile on the day: 07807-165564. The BGA phone may not be present, so please use the new number.


This will be given by several dan players, and will be suitable for any level of player from total beginner to 1 kyu. All welcome.

Small groups of similar kyu level players will be grouped for each session which will have a theme such as: Openings, Counting, Endgame, Fuseki, Invasion, Tesuji, Life and Death etc.

Generally the teach-in is an enjoyable way of learning some go. It is informal and the groups are small enough that the teacher can comfortably cope with individuals' questions on the material being presented. Typically there are four groups, decided on the day, but perhaps 30-20kyu, 19-12kyu, 11-6kyu, and 5-1kyu. Techniques are presented, problems posed and answers discussed, professional games presented and discussed, kyu games played and analysed, etc etc.


A Swiss tournament, where opposing players normally have the same number of wins. The draw will aim for 4-stone handicap games. Prizes will be awarded to all players with 3 or 4 wins (~10 prizes with 32 entrants). The cup and £25 cash prize will be awarded to the strongest player on 4/4, SOS etc being used as tie break. This tournament can (and has) been won by kyu players. Total beginners are welcome, indeed encouraged, to enter the tournament if they attend Saturday's teach in.

The registration queue will be closed at 10:15 in order to register those already queuing and still complete the draw by 10:35. Any late arrivals will get byes or play shortened extra-handicap games as is convenient, arranged after the main draw for round 1 has been done.


AGA rules will apply except that in an x stone game, the time allowance is 50+2x minutes for black and 50-2x minutes for white. No overtime – sudden death. Komi is given in addition to handicap stones. In any disputes, the organiser's decision is final.

The rules are as last year which produced 50%/50% Black and White wins. See the end of this page for details.

Large handicap games (eg 20 stones) may occasionally be required, they are played as 9 stones plus an extra 10 komi per handicap above 9.

A subsidiary small board tournament will be run on the Sunday.

There will be other side events.


Entry form without payment should be sent to P.A.Bailey, 27 Dagley Farm, Shalford, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 8DE. Phone contact: 01483-561027. E-mail: pab27@stocton.org

Raised prices as last year would still be in effect. However we have managed to obtain sponsorship for the teach-in from the BGA - Thank you BGA.

Early entry greatly appreciated.

Entry fees (Pounds):           Sat only    Sun only    Both days
Adult (including students >18) 8.00 4.00   10.00       14.00 12.00
<18, >65, Unemployed           4.00 2.00    5.00        7.00  6.00
Supplements:   Non BGA member  1.00         2.00        1.50
Entries after Dec 3            2.00         4.00        3.00
A 50% discount is offered to any individual attending their
first GO tournament.

Name: ____________________    Grade: __________________

Club: ____________________    Phone: __________________

Email: ______________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

Total cost: £______________   Please tick appropriate entry fees.

Please do not pay before the event.

Other Details


Free tea / coffee / squash and biscuits are provided throughout. Food available locally (more choice on Saturday).


Burpham Village Hall near Sainsbury's north of Guildford. Grid reference TQ013523, postcode GU4 7LP.

Please do not park in the road outside the hall. There is a carpark at the back of the hall that will hold about 15 cars. There is also the large Sutherland's playing field car park a couple of minutes walk away.

Saturday: Bus 36 at :17, :37 and :57 from Guildford bus station to Green Man; 15 minute journey. Sunday: Bus 36 at 09:55 (arrives 10:06). (Bus info from web timetable in September 2009.) Taxis from railway station. Allow 10 minutes to walk from the railway station to the bus station. Allow 5 minute walk from Green Man to hall.

If coming by car from the A31, at the A31 / A3 junction, follow the A3/M25/London signs. Then follow the map.

If coming by car from the A3 south (or A31), exit the A3 to follow the "Leisure centre" signs. Then follow the map.

If coming by car from the A3 north, exit the A3 to follow "Burpham". Then follow the map.



Details of Youth Hostels, B & B and other accomodation available if required.

2009's Problem

Q1: White to play and kill black.
2009 problem

Rule changes

The rules were slightly changed in 2006 to reflect the fact that in the previous couple of years Black had been winning significantly more (108) games than White (76).

The change has been to the komi. The old rules were "handicap plus komi to black of six plus grade difference". The new rules are "handicap plus komi to black of six".

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