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Fuseki Follow-On 2000 Results

An experimental tournament was held in Guildford on Saturday 2000-07-08. The experiment was to take a position from the end of the fuseki stage of a professional game which ended with a close result and was adjudged close at the cut-off point. This position would be used for all the games in the tournament, each player playing Black twice and White twice.

To permit this to work, entry was restricted to 2 kyus and 1 kyus thus ensuring that all games could be sensibly played 'even'.

The day started with five minutes after registration for familiarisation with the starting pattern. The games were then played on 45 minutes each and 30 stones in 5 minutes overtime. Komi was 5.5.

The tournament is not suitable for inclusion in the EGF ratings database. However the results are:

1   Jimmy Mao       B2+  B3+  W4+  W7+  = 4
2   Jackie Chai     W1-  B7+  B3+  W5+  = 3
3   Wenbo Mao       B5+  W1-  W2-  B4+  = 2
4   Mike Cockburn   B6-  W5+  B1-  W3-  = 1
5   Mike Nash       W3-  B4-  W7+  B2-  = 1
6   Steve Bailey    W4+  ~    ~    ~    = 1
7   David Lorking   ~    W7-  B5-  B1-  = 0

Many of the games were recorded and Simon Goss did some analysis which was published in a small booklet.
Note that there were 6 white and 6 black wins, but no significant pattern has been found in the results.

Dia 1 - The Professional Game.

Dia 1
38 at 10.

This game was played between Hashimoto Utaro (black) and Fujisawa Shuko (white), 1977-01-26 &-27. Time limits were 9 hours each. Komi was 5.5 and White eventually won by the komi.
Thanks to Des Cann for selecting the game.

Generally all entrants appeared to have enjoyed the day.


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