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Pegg Numbers - Justification

What is a Pegg Number?

This is a totally pointless page, but you've got this far, so you might as well load it and browse it a bit!.

Pegg Numbers were inspired by reading a thread in a mathematics newsgroup which discussed the concept of Erdos Numbers. Paul Erdos was a mathematician who was very prolific in writing research papers in collaboration with other mathematicians. It was suggested that anyone in mainstream maths could trace their joint authorship of papers to Paul Erdos in very few steps. For example if Smith published a joint paper with Jones, Jones with Brown and Brown with Erdos, then Smith would have an Erdos number of 3. Erdos himself having Erdos number 0.

For no very good reason except that I like both Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull, I thought it would be interesting to try a similar musical scheme with Dave Pegg. Thus DP has Pegg #0, Simon Nicol and Ian Anderson #1, Cat Stevens #2 etc. The criteria here being that people should have played together, either on the same song recording (album track) or on the same live song - I am rejecting same album, different song or same stage, different song or songwriting or producing links.

This page is a tree structure showing the justification for the Pegg Numbers allocated. Within each branch, things are intended to be in alphabetical order.
It is obviously incomplete and is likely to be wrong in places., especially since it has now reached the stage where I don't know many of the the musicians mentioned, their names added from internet discussions, magazine references or CD sleeve notes.
If you know better or can 'promote' a branch, why not let me know at steve@stocton.org

An alphabetical list of musician's Pegg Numbers is available.

Questions - Can you help?

If you know of decent links for biographies of the musicians listed here, please email me with the details.

Can you answer any of the italic questions embedded above? (For Paul Simon, Stephane Grapelli.

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