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The gerund is a small relative of that Tolkien favourite the troll. When I say small, I mean small. This thing is only a few inches tall, and the illustration below shows one at full size. Unlike the troll, the gerund has no fear of sunlight. It does however have a fear of massive, spit slavering dogs with large teeth. But that's hardly suprising is it? Despite this it is quite tough, and it could do you quite a bit of damage. If you accidently stepped on it. The range of the gerund is not known, though it is believed to live mostly in small country communities.

The gerund has been imortalised in literature in a work by Greg Bailey. It is entitled "Grog in the Woods" and is a moving story of adventure and GCSE coursework. The story is on-line and there is a link below.

Grog sketch
This historic photograph (before the invention of colour) shows a young gerund.

The characters Grog and Granite, the illustrations and text of the story are the copyright of Greg Bailey.
Encyclopedia Gerundic
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