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August 1998's Go Answer of the Month

This is problem 23 from "Graded Go Problems for Beginners Volume 2".

GGP's question is "How does Black play?"

My question is inspired by a dissatisfaction with their answer. I am happy with GGP's black 1, but feel that GGP's white 2 is poor. I suspect white 2 is used just to demonstrate a point.

Dia 1 - Black 1 and White 2?

Dia 1

Find black 1, both white 2s and then work out the relative value of them.

Dia 2 - The book answer.

Dia 2

"Black 1 and 3 catch two white stones. White's territory has been devastated."

Note that the answers published here are my 2 kyu thoughts and may well be incorrect - especially if sente and gote are taken properly into account, concepts I am only starting to get to grips with properly.

Dia 3 - Devastated.

Dia 3

This is what would be likely to happen if both players played on from Dia 2. It shows the white territory significantly reduced.

What is each move worth?

Working backwards ...

Given this, I would expect the above sequence to be played with either White omitting 4 or Black omitting 9 to take sente elsewhere.

Dia 4 - The other "2".

Dia 4

Here Black gains a net 2 prisoners and 1 point from pushing with 5.

Dia 5 - Counting.

Dia 5

If we count the territory surrounded (and including) the triangle points, we come up with the answer:

Conclusion: Dia 4, the other "2" is better for White by 3 (or 5) points than the book answer. The choice is white's privilege.
I am not sure at present how to evaluate what happens if White tenukis with 4' in dia 3.

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