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November 2001's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 & 2 - Status.

Dia 1   Dia 2

I recently read a book which discussed this shape, calling it the little pig's mouth. However I can't recall all it said :-(

The shape in Dia 1 occurred on a neighbouring board to mine during round 3 of the 2001 Wessex tournament, later it changed to that of Dia 2.

(If you are wondering whether I should have been studying a neighbouring board rather than my own game, please wonder by yourself!)

Anyway I had a feeling that Dia 1 could be killed, unsure if outright or in ko, and I had no idea about Dia 2.

This month's question: Is the corner settled? Or should something have been done about it?

Dias 3 & 4 - The book sequence is a ko.

Dia 3   Dia 4 8 at 4.

As becomes apparent, Dia 3 is a ko. This covers the status of Dia 1.

In Dia 4, where 4 is played at the 1-1 point, it is still ko. Unfortunately white cannot fill at 9 with 8' due to a shortage of liberties.

Dia 5 - An extra stone on the 5-2 point.

Dia 5 8 retakes at triangle.

For the record, if there is an extra stone, as Dia 5, the corner lives outright.

Dia 6 - Does the 5-1 point hane help?

Dia 6

No. It is still a ko, in any of the variations which may get played.

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