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October 2001's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 - Black to play.

Dia 1

Black can kill outright. A ko is not good enough.

Another one from an old Korean book / magazine.

Dia 2 - Die, ko, live.

Dia 2

GoTools is a useful program. Giving it this problem, it comes up with the information that A lets Black kill, the Bs are ko and the Cs are poor black attacks which let white live. Fortunately this agrees with the answer diagram in the Korean book.

Dia 3 - A look at one ko.

Dia 3
8 is a white ko threat, 9 a ko answer, 10 at 2 retakes the ko, 11 an ignored black ko threat.

In Dia 3, White wins the ko. Black could have won by playing 9' at 2.

This 'failure' diagram in the book stopped at move 4.

Dia 4 - White dies.

Dia 4

A point to note her is that although 8 is a tesuji to reduce Black's liberties so white can capture a disconnected tail, White himself is short of libertes because of 5 and has to capture at 10 before giving atari. This gives Black the time to connect out.

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