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August 2001's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 - Black to play.

Dia 1

Black has one obvious eye. Can he make a second?

Dia 2 & 3 - Black increases the sacrifice to two stones.

Dia 2   Dia 3
5 at black triangle, 6 at 1, 10 at white triangle

In this sort of situation, "everyone" knows the tesuji of Black 1 in Dia 2, increasing the sacrifice of Black triangle to two stones – causing White a shortage of liberties.

2 dutifully captures the sacrificed stones. 3 stops 2 white eyes and 4 attempts to connect out. 5 is the second part of the tesuji #150; throwing in another sacrificial stone – which 6 duly takes. 7 ataris all the White stones.

But then Dia 3 follows throwing all Black's plans into chaos. 8 captures the cutting stone so that 9 only captures two stones putting the remaining Whites into atari.

White can now connect his stones up leaving Black time to make a second eye. But White just recaptures 9 with 10 and Black is foiled. The tesuji failed here!

Dia 4 - Black can get a ko.

Dia 4
5 at Black triangle, 6 at White triangle, 7 at square.

So having discovered the Dias 2 & 3, Black tries a different start. The gentle approach of Black 1 in Dia 4. All he gets here is a ko.

Is this all Black can achieve?

Dia 5 - Black can live.

Dia 5
8 at triangle.

You can get so involved in playing the standard moves that when they don't work, you miss the move that does. Instead of 5 in Dia 2, try 5 in Dia 5.

Black can't connect with 6 as he will then be out of liberties. So he captures with 6, gaining a liberty which 7 immediately removes. Again White 8' cannot be at 9 – more liberty shortages. So Black 9 gets to capture the two corner stones and Black has a second eye.

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