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With no particular rationale, I have decided to present any computing "things" I know that I feel are worthy of disseminating.


My desktop is fairly old and it runs Office 2003.


More recent versions of Excel than 2003 have an inbuilt function that returns the ISO Week Number of a date. That week number increments on Mondays and is week 1 on the week containing the first Thursday (the majority of the days in week 1 are in the Thursday year).

Excel 2003 provides a week number function (again it can be set to increment on Mondays), where Jan 1 is always week 1 and weeks may not all have 7 days.

The following code resides entirely in one cell, so certain functions get called multiple times. This could be avoided by using multiple cells for the function, but I wanted to use it weekly in a calendar sheet, so one cell was all I would allot.
The word "date" (in lower case) should be replaced by the relevant cell number.

If you want a 2-digit (leading zero) display on a numeric cell you can Format Custom as "00".

As a numeric value (use if you want to autofilter on a range of values)(aligned with text version below):


As text with a leading zero when less than 10:


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