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The Arundel Go Club variation of the game rules.

The AGC Rules

All rules are as standard (third edition) except for the variations listed below. See Wikipedia for a summary of the game.


Different scoring during the game and at the end of the game.


Each player starts with 3 tiles and may choose which one to use at each turn. Replenish to maintain 3 until the supply is exhausted, then carry on playing until all tiles are used. A player may keep his tiles hidden from view if desired.

If it is impossible for a player to play any of their 3 tiles, proven by display to the other players, one tile of their choice may be exchanged with the tile supply and then played.

If the map grows such that the next tile placed on an edge would overhang the table edge, even by a fraction, such play is forbidden.


Mega-Carcassonne may be played with multiple sets of tiles - a big table is required. Mark tile ownership on the tile edges somehow.

It is easiest to find the starting tile if its four edges are distinctively marked.

An online supplier of spare meeples and meeples of other colours is known to exist.

Play by more than 5 players in a game is allowed if suitable tokens are available.

Agreements between players are allowed. Breaking of such agreements is also allowed.

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