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British Go Congress
1999, Abingdon

Friday 9th April - Sunday 11th April


It was a nice sunny weekend with 80 players attending Abingdon School. The venue worked well with very few problems and the rounds kept reasonably to time. The accomodation was ok and the food plentiful. Only 5 go players 'burnt to death' during the fire practice. The T-shirts were late arriving, only being received on the morning the tournament started - phew.

The lightning was ably run by Tony Atkins - my thanks to him. The draw for the main event was done by Geoff Kaniuk using his program - thanks to Geoff were given as a small donation to the Susan Barnes Trust.

Francis Roads gave a superb talk on Sunday morning on playing large handicap games as white. The key, he said, is "bullying"!

Local Lib Dem MP, Dr Evan Harris, who has spoken on mindsports, attended and presented the prizes.


British Open - (the main tournament)

Several other players won prizes for 4.5 wins or more.
Cambridge won the team trophy.

Full results are available as a text file.

Lightning - (Friday evening)

Continuous 13 * 13

Won by Daniel Calvelo from Nicola Hurden.

Side Events

Notes for organisers of similar events

Facilities / Entrants


The cashflow for the weekend was £2800. A lot of prizes can get quite expensive - 20 bottles of wine, a dozen boxes of chocolate. Consider personal liablity insurance for 1,000,000.


Quantities per 12 people per day


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