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U3A Intermediate Bridge - Introduction
Bridge hand

U3A Intermediate Bridge

Steve Bailey (Guildford 533748) <SGBailey at iee.org>
Pauline Bailey (Guildford 561027) <pab27 at stocton.org>

2nd and 3rd friday of the month.
(Not Dec 21. Last session (#17) on May 17.)
Merrow Hall, St John's Church Centre, Merrow.

Officially 2pm..4pm.
Due to use of equipment stored in an adjacent hall, we need to put the equipment back in a gap between classes in that hall (4pm). Therefore before Christmas, sessions will actually start at 1:50 and play will end at 3:50 to allow sorting out the equipment. After Christmas TBD.

The bridge presented is "modern-style" and is based on the course book: "The right way to play bridge" Paul Mendelson (ISBN 978-0-7160-2196-4) List price 5.99 available from Waterstones and Amazon (4.89).
Please obtain a copy.

Each session will include a presentation with discussion followed by set hand play. Depending upon how it goes, further discussion at the end of the hands played may become a feature. The play is part of the learning experience and selected discussion of hands during play is intended.

Roughly speaking, each week will present some of the information in the next chapter of the course book. There are more weeks than chapters. There is additional information that needs presenting, and some chapters will take 2 weeks (they all NEED several weeks!). Do not assume that week X will present chapter X.

Each week's presentation will be placed on my website after the session.
(Note that there is no K in stocton)
Paper handouts will be rare - it will all be on the website.

Please read the chapter for the next session in advance - preferably about a dozen times.

See you at 1:50pm at the first session - please bring your U3A membership card.

It will be appreciated if you let me know should you plan to miss a session. Thank you.

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