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October 2004's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 Black to live.

Dia 1

This problem is from a Korean magazine/book. There they give two answer diagrams which suggest the question is "Black to live".

This problem looks like the sort of realistic mess I end up with in my games. That white stone in the middle of the Black group is a definite nuisance, and Black can't escape.

Dia 2 Black to live.

Dia 2

It may not look obvious, but descending to 1 is the key. It threatens two eyes on the edge by playing Black at 2, so White has to play there immediately.

It then allows the jump to the 2-2 point and obtains a second eye in the corner. If White tries to fight this, his groups run short of liberties and are captured. The three stones at the top left may have to be sacrificed.

Any atrt other than 1 permits white to surround black without the liberty shortage and produces, for Black, a one-eyed big-eye.

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