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September 2004's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 What happens next?

Dia 1

This problem comes from a DFK game. There is much that can be said about the moves so far, but the question here is what is the result of Black 37? That is what happens after White 38 and after White 38' at A?

These two moves are not as thoroughly explained as I would like, but ...

Dia 2 Almost a one way path.

Dia 2
White 42 fills at triangle, White 50 at 43.

There are few branch points, and as shown white ends up with a giant one-eyed dango.

If white plays 46 differently you get a short snappy response.

Dia 3 A variation.

Dia 3

White runs out of liberties.

Dia 4 If White 38' is played at A in Dia 1.

Dia 4
White 42 fills at triangle

Again the top left half of the group form a one-eyed dango. In this case the central part of the white group looks likely to escape.

Dia 5 Another variation.

Dia 5

And yet again Whte has only one eye. There are other variants here, but all seem to have a similar outcome.


Thus we conclude that in Dia 1 both 38 and 38' at A are bad moves and white should play elsewhere, giving up the four stones.

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