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August 2004's Go Answer of the Month

Part 1

Dia 1 Black to kill the white corner and save both sets of his stones.

Dia 1

This problem is one that I discuss in the current issue of the British Go Journal. This problem does not duplicate that article but asks a related question.

In order to not display the answer to part 1 too readily here, refer to Dia 2 and, in the "correct" answer diagram, gkc are moves 1 thru 3.

Part 2

Dia 2 An annotated position.

Dia 2

The real question is "How does Black handle all the other white move 2s, especially white 2 at D?

The actual answer can be found below the goboard - done like this to allow pondering of the question first


Dia 3 The book answer to the book problem.

Dia 2

Though, of course, the book answer stops at black 3.

Despite my question, I'm only going to answer for White 2 at B, C, D & M. If anyone wants others detailed, send me an email and I'll consider adding another letter.

Dias 4 & 5 White 2 at M.

Dia 4   Dia 5 Black 7 connects at Triangle.

Dia 4 is not dis-similar the the book answer. Dia 5 also fails for White.

Dia 6 White 2 at B.

Dia 6

This ends up similar to Dia 4.

Dias 7 & 8 White 2 at C.

Dia 7   Dia 8

The descent to 3 may not be the first move Black looks at, but it seems to be the one that handles all White's tricky plays. With other moves 3', it is not impossible for White to play at the other 2-1 point and get a seki in the corner.

Dias 9 & 10 White 2 at D.

Dia 9   Dia 10 Black 9 at 4.

In Dia 9, Black 3 takes the key second 2-1 point and it is sente - albeit delayed by one move. Black 7 is another adroit play.

Dia 10 shows an alternative attempt by White.

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