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June 2004's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 White 3 is wrong...

Dia 1

How does Black kill? Where should 3' have been played?

Dia 2 Black should peep at 1

Dia 2

This is the bookish answer and clearly White cannot make two eyes this way. Black just has to ensure that 3 reamins connected to his outer stones.

The next couple of diagrams investigate non-bookish replies by white.

Dia 3 White 2 enlarges his group.

Dia 3

Black has to cut at 3 otherwise white will manage to get two eyes here. This allows White to attempt to escape. If white makes one eye with 8 and 10, 11 prevents a second.

If white tries to run to the right, Black can push, jump and cut with him and prevent a second eye - unless white bumps into friendly stones before reaching the edge of the board.

Here is a question for you all - to which I don't know the answer. "Is it possible to for black to stop white before the edge of the board without permitting white an eye? Answers by email please."

Dia 4 The correct way for white to live is the comb.

Dia 4

If White 3 descends, he can make the comb group (well stronger than the comb because 5 is connected). Therfore he lives comfortably.

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