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May 2004's Go Problem of the Month

Dia 1 Status.

Dia 1

A straightforward answer this month. White can kill, Black can live.

"White can kill"

Dia 2 Sacrifice then take the vital point.

Dia 2

White 1 threatens a capture and Black cannot connect - he would then have 3 stones in atari. Therefore 2 is the best move, aiming for an eye at 1.

However 3 is a clever move that falsifies the eye at 1 - White can atari on the right, or if Black connects, an extension from 3 to the 1-3 point puts the 3 stones in atari.

Dias 3 & 4 Countering two Black attempts to live.

Dia 3   Dia 4

"Black can live"

Dia 5 A clean life.

Dia 5

Playing 1' at 2, 7 or below 4 result in a ko. Playing 1' at 6 fails. Playing 1' at 5 starts an alternative successful sequence.

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