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December 2000's Go Answer of the Month

This problem was used on the entry form for the 2000 West Surrey Handicap Go Tournament. It is trickier than it looks.

Dia 1 - Black to play.

Dia 1

Dia 2 & 3 - Wrong Black moves.

Dia 2   Dia 3

In Dia 2, the attempt to expand the eyespace is refuted by 2 which forces Black to connect with 3 and loses shape.

In Dia 3, 2 limits the size of the corner and 4 is a vital point.

Dia 4 - A weaker White 2.

Dia 4

Here we have the correct Black 1, so we know that Black is going to live. Having said that, this is not the strongest White 2 and living (with 3 points) is easy for Black.

Because Black lives anyway, this may turn out to be the best White can do - it depends on the rest of the board.

Dia 5 - A strong White 2 but Black 3 messes it up.

Dia 5

White 2 here is White's strongest reply. It offers Black the opportunity of the 'instinctive' response 3 which fails as shown.

If 5' at 6, 6' at 5 leaves one eye in the corner. Also 7' at 8 gets 8' at 7.

Dia 6 - A gote seki for Black.

Dia 6

Black does not want to carry on playing after 9 since the corner is / becomes 'bent four in the corner' (3 stones in 5 spaces).

Black has the option of pushing out on the forst line from 7 if White doesn't block there.

Dia 7 - Bent four dies.

If Black foolishly continues, he endis with one eye only.

Dia 7
White 2 elsewhere, White 4 recaptures at triangle, White 6 at 3.

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