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January 2000's Go Answer of the Month

Dia 1 - White to kill.

Dia 1

This is from a game I played (as white) at Swindon in the autumn of last year. I thought that it was "my corner", but black invaded and after 7 my move 8 failed to kill.

What should I have done to have retained the corner?

What should Black have done in place of 7 to stop me killing him?

Dia 2 - What I played, which failed.

Dia 2

There is no point in capturing 12 with 13' as Black has enough liberties to play to the left of 7 preventing me filling. Therefore I had to play 13 to live the white group by linking out to friendly stones on the left.

Dia 3 - What I should have played, to kill.

Dia 3
11 at 6.

White 1 is the vital point. This is just one of many sequences, but Black only gets one eye in all of them. Note also that the hane of Dia 4 is now too late to work here.

Dia 4 - What Black should have played to prevent Dia 3.

Continuing Dia 1 with an alternative 7'.

Dia 4

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