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Bridge - the card game
Bridge hand

U3A Intermediate Bridge

I am leading the U3A intermediate bridge group (with help from Pauline) for the 2012/2013 session. Shortly after each session, the presentation for that session will be uploaded here. View and print as required.

Note that rather than write "length four or more in a major suit", these presentations use the shortcut "L4+major", similarly "length three or less in hearts" is written "L3-" and a "void in hearts" is written "L0".

Scroll down for the current year's notes.

2018..2019 academic year will be 2nd and 3rd Friday mornings at Burpham Village Hall.

I have archived the first four years of presentations.

Christmas 2010

Bridge problem

Margaret's Elite Bridge Club :-)

Hands from 2012-06-25, 2012-07-09.

Guildford Institute Bridge Club

Hands from 2012-06-30, 2012-08-18.

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Guildford Institute Bridge Club
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